July 9, 2007


My biography can be found at the Cato Institute as well as at this site.

My most recent book is Schools for Misrule: Legal Academia and an Overlawyered America (Encounter, 2011). You can learn more about my earlier books (The Litigation Explosion, The Excuse Factory, The Rule of Lawyers) here.

My main website is Overlawyered and I also contribute regularly to the Cato Institute's blog, Cato at Liberty. I founded and formerly edited the Manhattan Institute's Point of Law.

You can browse many of my pre-2000 writings here. I was a columnist for Reason magazine 1997-2000 and you can browse my contributions to the magazine here.

The Cato Institute, at which I'm a senior fellow, is here. I was formerly (until 2010) with the Manhattan Institute.

You can email me at info - [at] - walterolson - [dot] - com or wolson - [at] - cato - [dot] org.