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"Crimes of Ego", review of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Crimes Against Nature, New York Post, Oct. 17, 2004.

"Confessions of a Macaulay Fan", Reason, August/September 2000.

"Look for the Kiwi Label: The "anti-sweatshop" movement has an elastic agenda", Reason, July 2000

"Office Managers: OSHA's retreat from its bid to regulate home workplaces sets a subversive precedent", April 2000.

"The Year in Double Takes" (surprising quotes and stories of 1999), Reason, March 2000.

"Neither Nationalist Nor Socialist" ("Target Switzerland" by Stephen Halbrook, on Swiss WWII record), Reason, October 1998.

"Yesterday's Tomorrows: Books that got the future right -- and wrong", contribution to book symposium, Reason, December 1998.

"The Writerly Rand", review of Journals of Ayn Rand (Harrison, ed.), Reason, February 1998.

"Don't Steal This Book", review of Property Matters by James DeLong, Wall Street Journal, April 2, 1997.

"Have You Used a Kid Today As a Political Pawn?", Chicago Tribune, November 14, 1996.

"The Identity Crisis of Kevin Phillips, review of The Politics of Rich and Poor by Kevin Phillips, Fortune, July 16, 1990.


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